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Mark Zuckerberg to make an ‘awesome’ announcement

Jul 4, 2011   //   by BMTeam   //   Social Media News  //  No Comments

With Google+ hogging all the limelight, it is not just a mere co-incidence that Facebook Ceo Mark Zuckerberg has come up with a plan to ‘launch something awesome’ this Wednesday.

The young Facebook founder hopes to stun all with the announcement, as no details have been disclosed about Wednesday’s event so far.

Unveiling “The Social Network”

Oct 4, 2010   //   by BMTeam   //   Blog, Social Media News  //  No Comments

The “The Social Network” released on 1 October has hit the US box office, pulling $23 million in its opening weekend. Although analysts expected $25 million of business, but still the numbers are high enough for it to top the box office.

The movie which marks the history of the biggest social networking site, facebook, has received positive reviews and appreciations from critics. Metacritic, a web critic, has lauded the movie by ranking it at 97 out of 100 which is impeccable. However the movie received an initial set of criticisms on the grounds that it eliminated and manipulated certain facts to create that dramatic effect. The media and top facebook personalities painted the picture of the movie to be inaccurate and unflattering.

The movie seems to be a fine amalgamation of facts with fiction to define entrepreneurship with social relations. Its a bit of a reflection of famed documentary director Werner Herzog’s “ecstatic truth.”

That is what happened in US. The movie which is to be released elsewhere is expected to do a good business and have a great response from all the facebook fans. So how enthusiastic are you? Tell us by giving stars to “The Social Network.”

Via Mashable.

Picture Perfect On Facebook

Oct 1, 2010   //   by BMTeam   //   Blog, Social Media News  //  No Comments

Facebook is pulling another stunt by making marked improvements in its photo sharing options. Facebook is World’s largest Social Networking site along with largest photo sharing portal. So good news for all the people who want to share their portfolios with the world.

Facebook photo upgrades includes high resolution photos, photo-download links, bulk tagging options and an interface to view photographs from anywhere on the site without any distractions. Similar features have been witnessed with the Photo- sharing site, Flickr. So the improvements in facebook photos means a competion with Flickr.

Facebook users would now be able to upload and share high resolution photos 2048 pixels wide or high as opposed to 720 pixels. Users will also be able to download high resolution images from facebook. Each photo will come with a link to download the JPEG file, as well.

The bulk tagging options will allow uploading individual to temporarily group images and tag friends by simply clicking on thumbnails.

The most counting feature is facebook’s lightbox interface, for hassle free viewing of the images. The lightbox UI puts all the focus on the images.


Clicking on any image on facebook, be it on your news feed or on a friend’s wall, will dissolve most of the screen into a black background leaving behind the image with some navigational control and relevant social features. Once this feature is put to use, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the images and have a whole new class experience of viewing and sharing images.

So what is your say in these changes? Does Flickr really need to worry about facebook now?

Opt “Not Now” For Friend Requests

Sep 24, 2010   //   by BMTeam   //   Blog, Social Media News  //  No Comments

Is your inbox all tight and filled with friend requests? And does it creep you out to see unknown faces around? Then this change with the facebook would definately be enjoyed by you.

Facebook has changed the way we deny friend requests. Now instead of “Deny” you would have to choose from “Confirm” or “Not Now” option.

Friend Request

Clicking  “Not Now” takes all the request to facebook’s purgatory, a separate menu of “Hidden Requests” which can be viewed later (when time permits). After enough scrutiny the requests can be confirmed. The other requests can be sent under the umbrella of “Don’t know this person?” to which Facebook will block the person from sending request in the future.

Some people enjoy changes, some fringe at it because of the complexities. So in which category you fall in ?

‘Catfish,’ The Facebook Documentary

Sep 22, 2010   //   by BMTeam   //   Blog, Social Media News  //  No Comments

We already had doubts regarding ‘Open Relationships’ and now we witness a new term , ‘Virtual Relationships.’

Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Linkedin have accentuated the concept of virtual bondings and relationships. But how can we say that people befriended over social networking sites are actually what they claim to be?

This popular thought is picked up by the much buzzed documentary ‘Catfish,’ which after being premiered in Sundance Film Festival in January, is making its way to be screened (selected theaters) in New York and San Francisco.

The documentary that has been shot by New Yorkers, Ariel Schuman and Henry Joost, is about the brewing friendship between Ariel’s 24 year old brother, Nev and Abby, an 8 year old girl from Michigan. They meet on facebook and Abby initiate the talk when she asks Nev’s permission for her to paint one of his captured photograph.

The series of interaction leads to exchange of messages, phone calls and eventually a tryst between Nev and Abby’s elder sister, Megan.

However, how much of the documentary is real is much debated. Still it seems charming, gluing and stimulating.

So after much hyped ‘The Social Network’ movie, how did you find Catfish trailer?

The ‘Instant’, A Catalyst for Google and YouTube

Sep 13, 2010   //   by BMTeam   //   Blog, Events, Social Media News  //  Comments Off

Google has finally unveiled and launched its Google Instant, a speedy new search offering that lets users search as they type. The search engine technology with Google Instant, predicts the queries of the users before them.

It’s real time search predicts the search query on the basis of popular demand. Google Instant presents its predictions before the user clicks on the search button. For instance, if the user type in the letter ‘W’ then the instant search engine on popular demand will take in the query to be ‘Weather’ and immediately shoot weather results. Well that’s speed.

'W' for Weather

Thinking about rest of the alphabets? Google has interesting predictions for other letters as well.

Google Instant picks up your query as you start typing with it, but this is not so much available if you are in a naughty mood. So you would not be  obliged with search results if you type in the words which are vulgar in nature. You would have to search that on your own, while the page appears blank.

When asked about  the impotency with sexy words of the instant search at the Q&A session , happened in the previous week, Google’s Johanna Wright, director of product management for Instant, responded that Instant Search’s inability to predict your sexy queries is actually a safety feature to protect children.

So if you think Google Instant is cool, then you really need to see YouTube Instant. A novelty toy built by a college student (Feross Aboukhadijeh of Stanford University), to provide much entertainment.

YouTube Instant

and not to forget the element of titillation.


YouTube Instant works on similar lines, it provides updated results as the user types, only in this case it’s the YouTube video that gets updated.

So how instantly you wanna try out the ‘Instant’? Do tell us your views.

‘Like’ Making ‘Share’ Obsolete

Sep 10, 2010   //   by BMTeam   //   Blog, Social Media News  //  No Comments

Facebook’s ‘Like’ button is elicited through the changes made by Facebook. But all the embellishments is at stake to its ‘Share’ button.

The ‘Share’ button that was launched as a response to Tweetmeme’s ‘Tweet’ button is now loosing its importance to the diversified ‘Like’ button. There are three new features to ‘Like’ button that we will talk about, which are strangling the ‘Share’ button to death.

Now the facebook users can like within facebook applications. So now all the Farmers of Farmville can appreciate there friends farm by just liking it. Likes appear on your News Feed just like any other use of the button, but the link directs you right to the application.

The second change is to the facebook pages. The developers can add the link button to their pages.

The third change is the most significant one and is digging the grave for ‘Share’ button. The developers can view the number of likes a specific page has within a ” box count” layout. The layout is same as many of the web’s share buttons use.

‘Like’ button performs essentially the same function as the ‘Share’ button but its multi-usability and simplicity over the complicated overlapping feature of  ‘share,’ makes us see the end of  it.

Will the ‘Share’ button stay? Share the story if you liked it.

Meet ‘The Social Network’ Movie Official Website

Sep 8, 2010   //   by BMTeam   //   Blog, Social Media News  //  1 Comment

The movie of the year, ‘The Social Network’ is all set to lift you off the ground and knock you out to the hilt in October. Columbia Pictures is out with the official movie website, carrying  insights to the movie. So lets take a quick look into the website.

The website has the familiar facebook touch to it and opens up with a large collage of photos, videos and cast information. The website also carries the new trailer to the movie.

Certain words like ‘Punk’, ‘Traitor’ and ‘Genius’ capture the screen in a self explanatory manner and not to forget the spooky background music. The music ascends with the time and hit your ears hard. Surely it is mysterious and makes you curious.

Still want to know what the movie is all about, then you can even catch the synopsis on this website.

So check out the site before you check in at a theater near you.

Mobile Shoving Twitter’s Growth. Now More Than 145 Million Registered Users

Sep 8, 2010   //   by BMTeam   //   Blog, Social Media News, Stats & Research  //  No Comments

The twitter bird has dropped in the delightful message and is revealed by CEO, Evan Williams. Our very own Twitter has surpassed 145 million registered users.

The registered users have increased from 105 million to 145 million in just four months, this shows that approximately 3 million users daily register with twitter, good going!

The show stopper,  the mobile phones have significantly helped in achieving this numbers. Stats show that 16% of new users are getting connected with twitter via mobile phones. We should not slur over the official Twitter mobile apps which have helped the company in getting the maximum web traffic.

So what do you see in the crystal ball for Twitter? In how much time will they be 200 million ?

Read about Us in this months’ Issue of the Careers 360 Magazine

Sep 3, 2010   //   by BMTeam   //   Blog, BM Updates, News, Social Media News  //  No Comments

Career 360, September 2010 issue talks about Social Media as a career option and we are in it. Our very own Songita B. Verma and Clinton Jeff talk about their daily routine and how Social Media, as a career option is beneficial.

Bloggers' Mind for Career 360

Starting the day with posting on Twitter and Facebook and ending it with Flickr and YouTube sounds really interesting and at the end of the month having a heavy pocket, what else one desire? And this is what we do at Bloggers’ Mind.

Social Media is growing at a high pace and big names want a stake in it. The  future sure does embrace Social Media with both its hands.

Our “Nokia N97 Search for N campaign” and our innovative “Ovi Music India: Tag your Music” also found a great view for itself in Career 360 magazine. We are much obliged to be placed at number four on the list of the Social Media agencies in India.

So it is celebration times yet again, come join us.